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Chinesetown Language Institute

  • Founded at: 2006
  • Campus: square meters
  • Students: 0 (as of 2014 May)
  • Intl’ Students: Not Known
  • Scholarship: 0

Chinesetown Language Institute Introduction


Registered and certified as a training school for Chinese mandarin courses, Chinesetwon offers you the best learning experience in Hangzhou, one of the most popular cities in China, with qualified teachers, a pleasing study environment and the convenient location. Chinesetown is well-known for its professionalism, efficiency and excellent services.


We offer a wide range of Chinese language programs catering for all levels and ages, tailoring students' diverse requirements. You can choose from:

◆Small Classes

◆Private VIP Programs

◆Business Chinese Courses

◆HSK Preparation Courses

Service offering

◆Visa assistance ◆Free group activities every month ◆Free Internet access ◆Job referral ◆Free ticketing service ◆Chinese corner ◆Accommodation

Our teachers

Our teachers and our staff are who we are. We are happy to take this opportunity to let you know more about us.